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AJ Guarino

The driving force behind Guarino Construction. With a remarkable five decades of experience in the industry, AJ brings a wealth of expertise and a true passion for crafting exceptional spaces. His charismatic leadership is the cornerstone of our company's success, fostering an environment where innovation and excellence thrive.

Beyond the construction site, AJ's interests are as dynamic as his approach to building. In his free time, you'll find him embracing the discipline of martial arts and the adrenaline of hockey. These pursuits not only reflect his commitment to precision and teamwork but also underscore his dedication to every aspect of life.


Meegan Guarino

Our dedicated Project Coordinator at Guarino Construction. Having been immersed in construction environments since childhood, Meegan brings an innate understanding of the industry and her passion for the environment and efficiency to her role. Her familiarity with the intricacies of construction sites is a valuable asset, allowing her to ensure projects run seamlessly from start to finish.


Beyond her professional prowess, Meegan is a people person with a heart of gold. Her warmth and genuine care for others create an atmosphere of camaraderie within our team. When she's not orchestrating projects, Meegan finds solace in the great outdoors. Hiking through nature's beauty, organic gardening, and spending cherished moments with her loved ones are her favorite ways to unwind and recharge.


Richard Bourbeau

Our esteemed Project Lead Manager at Guarino Construction. With a lifelong connection to the industry since his early days, Richard brings a wealth of experience that shines through in every project. His unwavering dedication to quality and excellence is the cornerstone of his role.

As a true advocate for meticulous work, Richard ensures that every detail aligns with our commitment to superior craftsmanship. His passion for doing things right the first time resonates in every endeavor he undertakes. Beyond the construction site, Richard's interests span from martial arts to animal care. A dedicated gym enthusiast and Taekwondo practitioner, he approaches his personal life with the same precision and discipline he brings to our projects. Richard's nurturing side comes alive in caring for his eclectic collection of animals, including horses, chickens, ducks, turkeys, dogs, and cats. His diverse passions enrich both our team's dynamic and the projects he oversees.


Tyler Marois

A vital member of the Guarino Construction team, though not in the traditional construction sense. Tyler's unique background has equipped him with a deep understanding of the industry. Growing up around his father, who boasts an impressive 42 years of construction experience, Tyler absorbed invaluable knowledge that informs his contributions.

In his role, Tyler focuses on web design and management, enhancing our online presence and ensuring a seamless user experience. Currently pursuing a degree in computer science at Plymouth State University, Tyler's interests extend beyond digital realms. His fascination with mathematics and physics showcases his dedication to exploring complex challenges and uncovering innovative solutions. Tyler's diverse expertise complements our team, enriching our capabilities and contributing to our well-rounded approach.


Hannah Marois

An integral member of the Guarino Construction team. Just like her brother Tyler, Hannah's upbringing immersed her in the world of construction alongside their experienced father. Her unique perspective adds a layer of insight that complements her role as our dedicated Office Assistant.

With meticulous attention to detail, Hannah ensures every aspect of our office operations is finely tuned, guaranteeing efficiency and seamless workflow. Recently graduating from Plymouth State University with a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and a minor in Cybersecurity, Hannah's diverse education underscores her commitment to excellence in all pursuits.

Beyond the office, Hannah's energy is channeled into her passion for health and fitness. She thrives in the world of working out and kickboxing, embodying a dedication that aligns perfectly with our team's commitment to precision and strength. When she's not pushing boundaries in the gym, Hannah cherishes time spent with family and friends, reinforcing the strong bonds that define both her personal and professional life.

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