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At Guarino Construction, 
How does our process differ?

Before we build your home, we build a relationship. There is no getting around the fact that building a home is one of the largest investments of resources and of time you will make in your life. You're not just building walls and a floor. You're making decisions to create sacred spaces that serve your lifestyle. Beneficially elevating your relationships and the health and wellbeing of your environment and the people that live there~for a lifetime.This process should be thoughtful  and involve the whole scope of the project, while generating trust, understanding, and compatibility with your builder- one decision at a time. AJ Guarino explains, "Building a home is unlike building a commercial project. This requires genuine rapport between us and the homeowners. This is a year long process, communicating many times each week, compatibility and aligning values are vital."
That is why we do not start our projects with a large construction contract. We want to grow comfort, clarity, and understanding with you step-by step.

We begin with a Pre-Construction Services Agreement (PSA) delivering a comprehensive service to you that includes the drawings, specifications, allowances, and budget to be incorporated in the the architecture and design of the home without entering into a large contract commitment. During the (PSA), we pull a team together and act as a filter and clarity system. In this process, we are all able to uncover irreconcilable differences early on and prevent poorly spent time , resources, and energy for everyone involved.
We commit ourselves to building with integrity, transparency, and trust and it is vital to the health and success of the project that we work well together.

In a nutshell, in the (PSA) process, it is a useful tool to manage cost. In contrast, a bid can only project and give you a rough idea.

PreConstruction Service Agreement~ Just makes good sense

PSA allows for more exact cost estimation, better decision making, and a detailed budget to follow. Simultaneously, building transparency and grounded numbers into the project cost regarding labor and materials amounts. Additionally, we orchestrate a team of experts for your project. Which can include an architect, subcontractors, and structural engineer. We provide our professional insight into the constructibility of the plans, the material selection, preferred vendors, and design details. We assist and offer our professional advice to guide you towards as many details and selections to achieve the best outcome. Our goal here is to define as many details and selections as possible. Then, we create an initial budget with starting cost inputs. The gets revised and adjusted through our conversations together and the decision making process. Arriving at a proposal to move forward with construction. In the end, you have plans and specifications that are ready to build, meet cost goals and detailed expectations for various inputs and labor.

Our Pre-Construction Services Agreement (PSA) is drawn up for a fee, which covers the costs of our time and resources. This can take up to 4-6 months to complete. NOTE: The efficiency of the process is determined by your clarity on what you want, your goals, priorities, and your decision making ability. Basically...avoiding continuous changes. It's better for your budget.

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