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At Guarino Construction, we are a family operated business in Colorado Springs, Colorado with five decades of experience. 
A full service, full disclosure company that lives by the principals of "Building with Integrity." This commitment to excellence symbolizes our philosophy of doing business. It articulates our fundamental values of hard work, honesty, and fairness. It reminds us to extend respect to all people and honor their individuality. It means listening to understand and fulfilling our commitments made. Our integrity is measured by truth, honor, quality, and commitment.

Trust is just one of the things we build well.


At Guarino Construction, we have a wholelistic  approach to building. Valuing connection between people and the project, transparency, and honest communication. We work we you throughout the entire building process-from conception to completion. We basically "build" a bridge to your budget, your design plans, your goals, and finally- to your home.
Creating one connective entity and one unified flow of work. To us, this building 
philosophy delivers an honest, comprehensive, and efficient process for you and for us.

This business model is our response to witnessing the challenges and rabbit holes homeowners have spiraled into. For example, seeing people work with architects for months, even years, on a set of plans without a clear understanding of how much it will cost to build. After the homeowners have spent thousands of dollars and a consuming amount of time for a set of plans they did not budget for. Or...homeowners drill a well or put in a septic in an inefficient location that now requires more material and labor to get to that spot. We have seen this disconnected approach time and time again. 

Before we build your home, we build a relationship.

Building a home is one of the largest investments of resources and time that you will make in your life. This is often a year long process that should be thoughtful and involve the whole scope of the project.  Always beginning with the end in mind. Additionally, and importantly- generating trust, understanding , and compatibility with your builder- one decision at a time. In our opinion, genuine rapport and compatibility is vital for a healthy and successful building experience. 
That is why we do not start our projects with a large construction contract. We want to grow comfort, clarity, and understanding with you- step by step. 

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Featured Projects

Tragedy to Triumph
Black Forest, Colorado

This is a story of tragedy and triumph. A family lost their dream home to the Black Forest fire in 2013, where 503 homes were said to be destroyed. Life a Phoenix rising from the ashes, this family started the recovery process-dealing with their loss and starting to restructure their lives again. They have built on their lots at the top of the hill: where their timber frame home now stands as a symbol for what they have lost and what they now have.
This exquisite custom mountain home is a classic beauty. A hybrid timber frame that captures you  with its curved  arched dark timbers.

Guarino Construction's Model Home
Black Forest, Colorado

 In 2017, we started the birth of our model home. It was a deep and thoughtful process on paper. The embodiment of decades of building experience and WHERE FUNCTION MEETS FORM~colliding with beauty. The moment you step in.. there is a feeling of soulfulness. The merging of the authentic timber frame structure and the super insulated roof and wall panels answers the call to the 21st century building. Creating a home that promotes wellness and healing for all who enter. While using intelligent design and energy efficient principals which allows for minimal resources to heat and cool.This exquisite one-of -kind custom model home redefines luxury mountain living with "green" building technologies. The stunning cathedral rooms and structural timbers soar throughout the main floor while douglas fir tongue and groove wooden ceiling capture everyone who enters. Built to last for generations, you'll appreciate the super insulated R-40 wall and roof structural panels  (SIPS) and premier heating and cooling system with advanced multi-zone hydronic hot water radiant and air system for ultimate climate control.

Where Prairie Meets Mountains
East Hatchet Ranch~ Pueblo County, Colorado

Details coming soon!

Chasing Net Zero Sustainability
East Hatchet Ranch, Pueblo County, Colorado

The practice of Wellness Architecture is when you rely on the art and science of designing built environments with socially conscious systems and materials to promote the harmonious balance  between physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual wellbeing while regenerating the natural environment. 



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