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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What sets Guarino Construction apart from other construction companies?
    At Guarino Construction, we boast a legacy of over five decades in the industry. We prioritize transparency, excellence, and personal connections. Our holistic approach integrates client input, ensuring that your vision shapes every aspect of the project.
  • How do I know if my building site is suitable for construction?
    We're here to guide you. If you're unsure about your building site's suitability, our experts will conduct thorough evaluations to determine any necessary infrastructure needs or other considerations.
  • What is a preconstruction agreement?
    Our preconstruction agreement is a smaller contract that initiates projects. It includes drafting plans, specifications, and a budgetary proposal, providing you with an upfront understanding of the project scope and costs.
  • What's the advantage of starting with a preconstruction agreement?
    The preconstruction agreement removes uncertainties, allowing you to make informed decisions before entering into a more extensive building commitment. It ensures transparency and alignment from the beginning.
  • What if my building site requires additional infrastructure?
    If your building site requires additional infrastructure, such as well installation or soil engineering, we factor these considerations into the project's budget and planning. Transparency is key to avoiding surprises.
  • What construction methods does Guarino Construction employ?
    We utilize advanced construction methods tailored to each project's requirements. This includes timber framing, structural insulated panels, and sustainable building practices.
  • How involved will I be in the construction process?
    We believe in collaborative projects. Your input is vital at every stage, from design and materials selection to project milestones. We ensure you're well-informed and engaged throughout.
  • How does Guarino Construction ensure quality in its projects?
    Quality is our hallmark. We adhere to strict quality control processes, work with skilled craftsmen, and utilize premium materials to guarantee exceptional results.
  • What's the key focus of Guarino Construction's building philosophy?
    Our building philosophy centers on creating spaces that align with your vision while fostering a deep sense of connection. We prioritize transparent communication, top-tier craftsmanship, and sustainable practices.
  • How does Guarino Construction handle budget management?
    Our preconstruction agreement includes a preliminary budget proposal, giving you a clear overview of costs early on. We prioritize transparency and work closely to stay within your budget.
  • What materials does Guarino Construction use in its projects?
    We source high-quality materials to ensure the longevity and beauty of your project. Our team selects materials that align with your vision and project requirements.
  • How does Guarino Construction tailor projects to clients' needs?
    We recognize that each client has a unique vision. Our collaborative approach involves understanding your desires, preferences, and lifestyle requirements. This enables us to customize every aspect of the project, from design choices to materials, ensuring your space truly reflects your personality.
  • Does Guarino Construction implement sustainable building practices?
    Absolutely. Sustainability is an integral part of our ethos. From utilizing energy-efficient materials to incorporating green technologies, we're committed to reducing environmental impact while creating spaces that are both beautiful and eco-friendly. Our sustainable practices reflect our responsibility to future generations.
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